About us and our passion for carpet making

Carpet-making is one of the oldest known crafts. Its roots lie in the heart of Central Asia, where it developed and flourished before reaching its peak of quality in the 16th-17th centuries. Today, carpet-weaving is a big business and takes place on a huge commercial scale. Traditional rugs and carpets are, however, still being made in many places and the use of traditional vegetable (natural) dyes is becoming more widespread.


Magic Lao Carpets Handicrafts was set up to introduce carpet-weaving in Laos, which is already known for its amazing textile weaving. Ancient traditions of carpet-making have found their way to the skillful hands of local weavers, giving Lao silk a new life.


Training and techniques in carpet making

At the moment Magic Lao Carpets Handicrafts is primarily focused on training the weavers, with a plan to start village-based carpet production. When mastered, carpet weaving can become a source of good income for many people, especially villagers, most of whom do not have permanent jobs.


Silk carpets have in all times been admired for their brilliance and finesse. Magic Lao Carpets Handicrafts produces exquisite hand-made pile carpets and flatweaves (kilims) from high quality hand-spun silk. Our carpets are made according to the highest standards of carpet-weaving and incorporate authentic, original design patterns inspired by traditional Lao textile weaving.


The technique used is nearly 3000 years old. First, the silk is carefully selected. Next, silk threads are spun by hand and then the silk yarn is dyed. Carpets are made on a vertical loom by hand-tying knots of silk yarn around pairs of warps (vertical strings running through the length of the carpet). Asymmetrical knots are mainly used. After each row of knots a weft (a plain thin horizontal thread) is inserted in-between the pairs of warps and packed down tightly using a hand beater (a special comb). After a few rows of knots are finished, the pile is cut by hand using shears to achieve a uniform length. The design pattern is woven by alternating knots of different colour silk yarn.

High quality hand-made carpets

Magic Lao Carpets Handicrafts is shifting towards using natural dyes. We already have a number of carpets made with silk, dyed with natural dyes. These dyes are produced in Laos, from different local plants.


Careful quality control on every stage of production ensures overall outstanding quality of our products. From selection of the best local silk, hand-spinning and dyeing, to the last trimming of a finished carpet, we pay special attention to quality of every material and process used.


Averaging around 400,000 knots/m², our carpets are very durable, and will for sure bring you joy for decades to come!


Limited number of produced carpets, their authentic design and high quality, make them rare and valuable from the very beginning of their long life.